Select Med is a multidisciplinary based clinic that incorporates medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and massage therapists to ensure that you are getting the best possible medical care.

Select Med realizes the goal of treating patients with acute & chronic pain is to both reduce pain levels and restore functionality. Select Med realizes that a multidisciplinary approach is the most effective way to achieve this goal, and creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient that addresses the physical & functional deficiencies.

Select Med succeeds by always putting the needs of our patients above all else, and by empowering our staff to be problem solvers, guided by what is in the best interest of the patient, rather than solely by protocols.

Select staff and providers are driven by high standards of professionalism and expertise in their respective roles, and realize a collaborative approach with each other, and the patient, achieves the best medical outcomes for our patients.

Select Med has multiples office locations throughout the valley for your convenience. Call to schedule a FREE consultation today! (602) 298-8400